Tile Backer, Shower Trays & Waterproofing

Trusted and demonstrated matting answers for issue substrates, waterproofing, and sound deading applications.


featured products

Python RM 15kg

Validus Planum 20kg

Morley JM400 Rubber Adhesive 15l

DB Iso-Shield Matting 1m x 30m roll

Deco-shield Matting Roll 1x30m

Deco-shield Int Corner DM-DS-0010

Db Deco-Mat Roll 1x30m

Dukkaboard Iso-Mat Roll 1x30m

Dukkaboard s/a wprf tape 120mm x10M

12Ă‚Âœmm Dukkaboard Original 2.4x1.2m

1200x100x20 Db RE tray X = 450

Dukkaboard Fixing Washers 100pk GSt

Dukkaboard SR 1mx20m 3mm

Aqua77 6mÂÂČ waterproofing kit

6mm Dukkaboard Original 1200x600mm

10mm Dukkaboard Original 1200x600mm

10mm Dukkaboard Original 2400x600mm

12mm Dukkaboard Original 2400x600mm

20mm Dukkaboard Original 2400x600mm

600mm Db L-drain Tile-In cover

Db L-drain 59mm Horiz. Outlet body

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